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@Former Trini-Mite":](/forums/pony/topics/idw-comic-thread?post_id=5122872#post_5122872
I mean, if they're introducing more antagonists to "justify" the Knights being villains, it'll make what was likely already gonna be lackluster as a finale even worse, considering how little character they have in their own right, and that's before you consider how blank the other sets of Elements are.

Also, remember how the comics' synopsis called Twilight a "Queen," and then she was referred to as a "Princess?" (speaking of, why was Twilight _*suddenly_* referred to as a "Queen" in 101?) It also wouldn't be out of place for the comics to (falsely) see "Harmony" as _*synonymous_* with "Order," considering just how the Accord arc went down, and how Accord nonsensically hijacked the Elements, aside from the aforementioned possibility of the synopsis getting it wrong.
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