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[bq="Anonycat"] "@Poison Trail":/pony/idw-comic-thread/post/4527207#post_4527207
I was more pissed off by the fact that the whole story lies on the fact that an Earth Pony invented a set of wings that enabled him to fly like a Wonderbolt and this world changing invention was somehow kept as a secret from everyone, despite being displayed in a museum and being so incredibly easy to use and master. [/bq]

Well, the show has displayed a number of examples of heavier-than-air flight technology which look like they'd be a bit more practical than that thing.

Though how about the fact that the comic ended with Rumble using it to fly in some event despite a sprained wing, yet nobody even briefly acknowledged the fact that it might be useful for the pegasus who, as far as has been presented, would likely NEVER be able to fly naturally?

Though I suppose it's possible that that's simply because they were still tied to the show's status quo, which won't be the case next time Scootaloo has a turn in the spotlight. And how likely is it that they'd be so dumb as to expect anyone to read it and not immediately think "Why doesn't anyone seem to realize that Scootaloo could use one of those?"? So maybe there's a slim chance they're actually planning on going somewhere with this...

If you like "Scootaloo X Rumble" action, I suppose it would be kind of cute if their next meeting went like "Here, I don't need this anymore", and Rumble proceeding to help Scootaloo get used to the glider.
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