Does Sunset Shimmer have even just one character flaw?


In "Game stream" Despite the game's simple gameplay and Sunset's gaming expertise, Fluttershy proves to be the better player while Sunset gets increasingly frustrated.
In "Stressed in Show"Twilight slowly gets into the activities,but not Sunset because her legs aren't to the accustomed.
Most of her life used 4 extremities for jogging.
Sunset is good in activities with her hands.
I know,just are shorts but not movies and specials
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In Rainbow Rocks, Sunset Shimmer is confronting her consequences of her previous actions from the first EG film. Everyone hates her. She knows she made a huge mistake. She wants to fix this problem. She wants to make friends after all the disaster she did in the first movie.

In the third film, she has a temper, yes. But in the fourth film she began to get more confidence, which is great.
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