Did Buckball season turn Snails into Gary sue


So I saw a review on YouTube that said Buckball season turned Snails into a Gary sue.
Imo Snails being good at buckball does not make him a Gary sue but I want to know what you guys think do you agree he is not or do you think he is?

The issue I see is that said skill basically comes out of nowhere just as the plot requires it. Technically it doesn't contradict anything we've previously seen of his character, nor does it meet the definition of "Gary Stu", but it does feel just a touch contrived.

Wow your reason makes way more sense,it’s just that I just didn’t like how the reviewer I watched said they made snails A Gary Stu an how he was perfect just because he was good at this one sport hell I saw on Twitter he said he wanted to punch Snails for being a Gary Stu, like that’s dumb being upset over a character being good at something like it just frustrated me.
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Alright I can do that.

While I do get the argument about how he suddenly has skills in buckball being something out of left field and pulled from thin air, it isn't anything justifiable in him being a quote on quote "Gary Stu". If he showed up in more episodes and showed that he was multi talented in a lot of things like sports in the same way that Gabby was, then yeah I can see where that reviewer is coming from. But since that never happened, then no he's not a Gary Stu. Oh and by that guy's logic, then Pinkie and Fluttershy are also Mary Sues because they also had previous unknown skills at the sport that came out of nowhere.
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People are just too quick to throw around the words "Mary/Marty/Gary Sue/Stu," no matter how inappropriate it might be.

I think it's worth noting that Snails, despite not being that smart, was the first unicorn child somewhere around the CMC's age range (he and Snips seem to be in their class, taught by Cheerilee) to use even the most basic magic (using it to light up the cave, in his case, even if he had a bit of trouble), all the way back in S1.

By comparison, Sweetie Belle's magic, for how impressively far it got later (and is therefore a reason to think she's markedly above average), didn't even show signs of existing until S3, and S4 was when she first learned to have even the most rudimentary control of it, under Twilight's tutelage.

So him being above average in his magic in a character consistent way doesn't really seem farfetched to me. He still has character flaws established by S1, so therefore, he isn't a "Gary Stu," it's just adding onto his previously mostly one-note characterization, by giving him a strength he'd developed offscreen over time.

…Also for secondary stuff, the comics kinda pointed to the way he was later portrayed in Buckball Season, being useful and all, surprisingly/funnily enough, with how he and Snips had managed to learn a fire spell, among other things they did to help.

It's like saying Starlight's a Mary Sue on the basis of her magical power, despite how she isn't portrayed as infallible, but that's another story. It's alright to dislike a character, or how they're handled, for whatever reason, but that doesn't make that label true… and it's losing its meaning with how overused it is, if it isn't already all gone.
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