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G5 is just an alternate continuity. There’s a lot of other ways Equestria could have gone and there’s probably a giant rhinoceros guard who watches all the alternate timelines.
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G5: Zipp’s and Pipp’s father wanted to name them Tol and Smol. Haven thankfully vetoed that. By kicking him in the bols off Zephyr Heights with his wings tied up.
Let’s face it, Rarity always was the most likely to snap.
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In Eqg, Rainbow actually does like dressing in style. And so she and Rarity actually like to go shopping for trendy clothes a lot. Of course they both have different styles.
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Sunny’s mother died from hemophilia shortly after giving birth. Of course, this means that Sunny is inevitably a carrier, though since Argyle didn’t have it she’s safe from bleeding to death.
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Cadance gave Celestia a Worst Mom mug the day after Sunset left through the mirror.
(While Luna got a Aunt #1 one soon after she returned.)
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