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(This one I’ve talked about now and again, but now that series is over and it left Celestia and Luna’s backstory completely open ended, I think its time to finally talk about the elephant in the room.
The 30 seconds where villain Sunset in EG1 asks if Celestia informed Twilight the big secret between Celestia, the elements, the mirror and the power the secret bequeathed…and I suppose the Sunset backstory comic that confirmed what we already guessed, that Sunset had found the way to become an Alicorn like Celestia.)
SO….were Celestia and Luna humans the Pevensei’d(like in Narnia) themselves into becoming leaders and sort of gods of Equestria?
What WAS the secret to villain Sunset’s question to Twilight that Celestia kept Twilight in the dark about?
Some may cite the Tale of Two Sisters book, but that book not only was extremely vague, it could barely be considered even semicanon. Some may say that Alicorns used to be a species, but Celestia said that was impossible when Flurry Heart was born. And some may site that Celestia and Luna have human world alternates, but keep in mind that Sunset did not, and human Celestia and Luna are not a thousand years old, and EG world has a weird way of balancing people out despite all the statistics.
Its no secret that G4 was a tribute to G1. Humans were never off the table before EG, a lot of people merely assumed they were off the table.
…were Celestia and Luna human?
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Friendship is magic.  
Tree of Harmony is magic.  
Tree of Harmony is sentient.  
Tree of Harmony is Friendship given free will.  
Cutie Marks are magic.  
Cutie Marks react to a pony’s growth.  
What if a being of sentient magic is giving ponies their cutie marks?
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After Twilight spilled the beans on Spike’s affections for Rarity in Green Isn’t Your Color, Pinkie Pie made sure that Twilight was properly punished. What did Pinkie do to her? You don’t wanna know.
The Pinkie Promise should be banned by the way. It’s too rigid and doesn’t take into account extraordinary circumstances or exceptions.
Also another tradition that the Pinkie Promise is an ancient tradition of the Pie families. There’s also a Limestone Promise, Marble Promise and Maud Promise. Retribution for breaking it is probably its most famous attribute.
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When Cadance was applying the band-aid to Twilight in the flashback in “A Canterlot Wedding”, what had happened was that Blueblood had telekinetically grabbed Twilight’s scooter for the lulz.

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Rainbow dash said that was a pretty epic makeup because even though discord messed up horribly he did have good intentions and put himself in harms way to make things right, probably thinking its possible he’d be dead when they come back, she doesn’t want him to die with the guilt of putting his friends in so much danger.
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Celestia once made a trial run for a democratic electoral system. She canned it immediately when Twilight won 6% of the vote, Starlight 3%, and Luna 90%.
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