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The interim between “Ending of the End” and “Last Problem” saw earth magic and wings for Shining Armor, and earth magic and a horn for Flash Sentry.
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Ponies are more social than humans and have a greater need to feel loved. Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis are examples of what happens to them when they feel unloved long enough.
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Well, it has been said that alicorns have the combined abilities of all three tribes (which would include earth pony strength). Though in canon, we’ve never seen one do anything to exercise their earth pony side.
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Speaking of which:  
Pinkie Pie, though random, is surprisingly competent in hoof to hoof combat, owing to having been trained with Limestone and Surprise.
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Some unicorn families carry kirin genes and certain unicorns have a nirik form when they are sufficiently annoyed. Here we see Twilight Sparkle.
She’s not the only one. Even some royalty are partially of kirin ancestry.
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Twilight’s eyes tend to glow, namely cause of the fact that she has so much power.  
Twilight sometimes can go to the forest to calm down.
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Long ago I wrote a short anonymous greentext syaypost at the Chan that shall Not be Named, in which it was revealed that the Elements of Harmony aren’t a power booster. They’re a power limiter that makes her horn lazers non-lethal, she explained, a terrible, Hiroshima-colored light emanating from her eyes.
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Which is kinda awkward considering she’s paid by taxes to begin with.
One headcanon I’ve had for a while expands the ‘pegasi act like birds’ joke. They’re bloody magpies who loot everything shiny they see. Only reason we didn’t see any of that on the show is that one thousand years in the death world in sugarbowl’s clothing of Equestria means some pretty ruthless natural selection.
Also why Cadance went for Shining Armor in the first place. He’s got shiny in his name and she was a pegasus before becoming an alicorn.
Also like to think they’ve got the same ‘sex on legs’ and ‘easy’ reputations Mass Effect’s Asari and Elder Scrolls’ Dunmer (and fantasy elves in general) are saddled with.
So, complete with how Rainbow Dash usually acts and what was shown of ancient pegasi in Hearth’s Warming Eve, pegasi have the (possibly justified) stereotype of being thieving blood knight harlots in-universe.
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