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In Equestria the typical pony diet is vastly higher in refined sugar than the typical equine’s diet–or the typical human’s, for that matter. The typical pony’s pancreas is almost equal in size to the liver. This is the only thing preventing them from getting the diabeetus.
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The Apple family are actually great poets. They have a long tradition of poetry that dates hundreds of years ago to medieval times to their ancestors. Unfortunately most ponies aren’t aware of it and it needs to get more renown someday.
Some of Applejack’s ancestors were renowned bards for Celestia and some even for Luna or Nightmare Moon, dedicated to her memory.

If Sombra can casually mind-control ponies, why did his reign see many marching in chains instead? Because only a pony whose mind is “awake” can suffer from being opressed, can feel pain and despair. And Sombra wants that from his subjects - not (only) because he’s more than a bit of a sadist, but because the realm he rules is designed to amplify and project the emotions of the populace. Just as a happy Empire is a beacon of joy across Equestria, a miserable one spreads almost tangible depression.
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What’s the point of having slaves if they aren’t wearing the latest in chain fashion? What part of Beginning of the End made you think Sombra wasn’t a believer in the Fabulous?
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When the Cutie Mark Crusaders tried for baseball cutie marks, Scootaloo took offense when the umpire called a balk*; she thought he was calling her a chicken.
  • Pronounced “bawk”.
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Okay. Mine is about the alternate timelines in Cutie Re-mark, though it’s more of a question than a theory.
In the episode, right before Twilight convinces Starlight to reform, Twilight brings up that she saw 1 dozen, or 12, different alternate timelines. But we only see 7 alternate timelines.
  1. Sombra  
  2. Chrysalis  
  3. Nightmare moon  
  4. Tirek  
  5. Discord  
  6. Flim and Flam  
  7. Wasteland.
    So, what are the other alternate timelines, and what do they look like, how did Starlight stop the race to cause them, and who or what ruled over them.
Background Pony #D622
@Background Human  
Those first two wouldn’t be possible
Sunset wouldn’t be because without the mane 6 meeting, the element of magic, which Sunset needed for her plan, would still be . . .wherever it was before Nightmare moon’s defeat. And Midnight Sparkle wouldn’t be possible because if Sunset had no way to get the element of magic, then the Equestrian magic would not have crossed over to the human world in the first place, preventing Sci-Twi from learning about it and becoming Midnight Sparkle
Background Pony #D622
Now that I think about it, evil Celestia and Luna from that dimension could possibly be one of the other timelines. Maybe the Umbra as well.
And possibly the Tantabus.
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There’s also the possibility that the Elements chose someone else, and alternate Mane 6, and that they failed at certain points, which would allow for the Sunset or Midnight timelines. The big question is if changes in time to one universe would have an effect on another.
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