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Wrong thread perhaps, but can somebody explain me why Stellar Eclipse, the OC that was accepted into FIM by Make A Wish, was made a jerk? Did the guy like that or wanted his character to be jerkassy? I wouldn't like to die knowing that my OC that got into FIM was made a jerk.

(If you're wondering, this is Stellar Eclipse)

If I remember correctly, the guy was perfectly fine with people making porn of his character. Which would mean making porn of him given that it's a ponysona/OC. So I doubt the guy was a jerkass in real life.

And may he rest in peace if he's dead.
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Humans transported to Equestria via isekai or other magical means will continue to receive messages that say "We've been trying to get in touch with you about your car's extended warranty!" via any and every means available, from singing telegrams to dragon fax. It's a mystery.
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The M6’s antics throughout the show and all the destruction they’ve caused (especially Pinkie and Dash) would normally leave them facing jailtime but Celestia uses her influence behind the scenes to keep the cops off their backs. Can’t have the country’s first line of defense cooped up in prison.
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@Background Pony #3623
At least in the first seasons, the Mane 6 are basically a magical-girl SWAT team that reports to a head of state. Which is a lot of responsibility for six young mares who don't even have military or law enforcement training.
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What prompted Grand Pear to return to Ponyville and patch things up with the Apples was seeing Applejack's name all over the news.
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Zap apples are highly radioactive. The trees leach toxins and radioactive isotopes from the soil and store them in the fruit. They would be deadly to anyone but ponies, whose inherent toon magic cancels all the grimdark effects of radiation and toxic waste and converts them to slapstick comedy.
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