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Found online, a very short bit with headcanon-ish implications that might even be crazy
>go to Equestria
>offer to tell the locals about Bessemer process steel, or carbon anode process aluminum
>or all the fun things that can be done with petroleum
>they tell you they already know about all this, and transistors, and jet engines, and penicillin, and radio, and heavier-than-air flight
>turns out they're a post-scarcity society that just really likes the quasi late 19th Century aesthetic
>and hearts, they are nuts about hearts
>"magic" is actually nanomachines, son
wat do?
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Okay, let's talk about the Background Student Six.

Citrine Spark is the quick thinker. She's a bit like Twilight, just much less prone to freaking out and with traces of Sparkler and a bit of Stygian thrown in for good measure. She actually happens to be a relative of Stygian's. Also, like Twilight, Citrine loves to read, mostly about science. By the way, she's completely unaware of how cute she is.

Peppermint Goldylinks is a happy but dreamy and kind-hearted pony somewhere between (less) Pinkie and (more) Fluttershy with Rarity's romantic streak thrown in for good measure. She is somewhat attracted to melancholic dreamers such as a certain blue unicorn. Peppie is the Yin to November Rain's Yang. And she's such a nice and kind pony that she can even handle skunks without endangering anypony.

Berry Blend bears similarities to Applejack. She's pragmatic, no-nonsense and straight-forward. If anypony is the group's voice of reason, it's her. Her knowledge of plants could make her a great farmer. She's also quite a good violinist across just about all genres, but that's just a hobby.

November Rain is the aforementioned melancholic dreamer, shaped by Seaddle's perpetually dreadful weather (which his big brother Spring Rain at least tries to keep at bay, but Spring loves rain). Before he met the other five, the one thing that provided him with happiness was playing the trumpet at jam sessions at Seaddle's various jazz bars. Jazz is where he really begins to live. He is the most musically inclined one of the six, and he loves poetry. Melancholy will always be a part of him, and sometimes you just want to hug him. Good thing he has got a pony who's eager to do just that. Again, he is the yang to Peppie's yin.

Huckleberry is the cloudcuckoolander of the group, but he has got the biggest heart of all six. Huck has to be the friendliest stallion you're likely to ever meet. He is a free spirit and the closest of the six to being a hippie. At the same time, he isn't dumb, and he can sometimes show a remarkable wisdom. Huck is also a skilled percussionist which he explains by having two extra limbs.

Finally, Auburn Vision is kind of what Rainbow Dash would be, were she an earth pony stallion. The term that describes him the best is "gung-ho". He leaves diplomacy to others. As unstoppable as Auburn is, he can be brash and tactless. But like Dash, he is deeply loyal, and he would do anything for his friends. He shows a surprising lot of respect for Huck and especially his attitude. Auburn used to play in a big band and got his knack for the powerful East Coast jazz styles from there, and he believes this is something that's still missing in November Rain's life.
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Something like that, yes. She can't be a direct descendant for obvious reasons, but one of her ancestors may be, for example, a cousin of Stygian's.
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I would like to correct my previous headcanon about Luna drawing power from distant suns.
Both Celestia and Luna draw power from their respective celestial bodies, however their power is determined by the size of the body and the distance to it. Because the Sun is very big, but also very far away, Celestia is not drawing much power from it. Luna, although she is drawing a lot of power from the moon, the is not a lot of it.
If Luna were to have fought Celestia on the moon, she would have won, and that's why Celestia never went to the moon to visit NM.
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@Brass Beau

Exactly. Friendship is lasers.

UserID checks out. Also, perhaps they don't consider those to be real problems. People in a post-scarcity society have different perspectives and reason from different premises. Maybe it's all a game to them.
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Even now, on the pony equivalent of the Internet, on the pony equivalent of 4chan, ponies are posting pictures of a green 4chan anon with the caption "Wake up. See dis. Wat do?"
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