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In a dark fualtuernate timeline, Zipp eventually becomes obsessed with the ideals of pegasi. Even their dark side.

So much so she turns Zephyr Heights into a fascist style autocractic government reminiscent of ancient pegasi before they united with the other tribes. Similar to Sparta or tsarist Russia.

It all started when she learned of the greatest pegasus of them all, Cozy Glow.

Before Canterlot was a great city, Cloudsdale used to be Equestria's capital until some events shifted the balance to the the unicorn city.

In the years after Celestia and Luna abdicated, there was a growing movement in Cloudsdale to overtake Canterlot in terms of political influence in Equestria.

Cloudsdale eventually surpassed slightly Canterlot which was growing weaker as the decades went on.

Cloudsdale and Canterlot tried to sabatoge the other. And it would lead to full out war.

And they made different alliances with certain creatures like changelings or dragons to assist them in their war.
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