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The fanon portrayal of Lyra as obsessed with hands, and Ahuizotl having three of them (counting the one on his tail). Might that not be relevant too her interests and exotic enough to pique her curiosity?

I walk into the room and flip on the light switch finding the place littered with cobwebs, I promptly clean it up by resurrecting the thread.
I just thought that I would let those into crack shippings and are still subscribed to this thread know, that the very first Maudrax fanfic has been created and Uploaded to Fimfiction
I like to think that I did a good job in writing it so far, since it’s the first one ever put on FimFiction, I want it to be a good one.

Tickling Pony Bellies
Seconding the Cheesecoco one, but adding that there’s an interesting angle to it, in that he’s always on the move to bring parties where he senses they’re needed, while she’s kind of “tied” to one area. The difficulties in maintaining such a relationship would be something for a good writer to give us a look into.
(I am not that writer.)
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Yeah, they both rarely ever interacted in the show, Filli Vanilli is the only episode I remember them interacting with, only because of Rarity for voice replacement reason (Flutterguy over Mac’s hurt voice).
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I agree, I root for more people to learn this fact more as time goes on.  
This will, obviously, lesser toxic relationships, and more sustainable healthy relationships in real world as well.
I heard in TVs, plenty of both toxic and healthy couples, we need less toxic, more healthy, the world will be a better place.
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i imagine its possible a griffon can be born “live young” style too. In the case of the mother not being able to lay eggs.
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