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Apple jack has pigs.

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Also in Stardew Valley, Truffles are the only main reason you keep pigs, as the game only let you eat seafood as meat, no butchery allowed. Ponies aren’t just that, no seafood as well, only for pets.
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Applejack raises pigs at her farm. Why?
I feel like it would be for truffles as pigs are commonly used for sourcing those or they’re just pets/comfort animals that are tradition to her farm/family.
Since the use of “seafood/meat” in the show isn’t a thing/allowed it makes more sense that it’s likely for truffles or comfort so no they’re not exports to other creatures/food.
It’s becoming more common now for people/animal lovers to have farm-based/harvest animals as pets/comfort animals now rather than just cats or dogs instead of just raising them “for food/resources.”
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