Unapproved transactions removed on Derpibooru donation from SubscribeStar

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Lincoln Brewster time
I tried to join Subscribe Star to donate towards Derpibooru, but it denied my request. I'm afraid it removed my money still twice,as I saw transactions removed on my Bank of America account. :(

I don't want to accidentally lose anything else. I had about $574 and now I'm down to $511. I'll check again just to be sure, but I don't like this. I even removed my account there because of it. :(

EDIT: It's still messed up. It shows a $40 and a $20 transaction were removed, although my bids were denied. Both transactions showed as put back on my account through reversal, and then they doubled and removed $60. I really want to get my money back. :(

If anyone could help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it. I know this is Derpibooru and not a bank, but if you see the transactions maybe you could help me recover my losses. :')

Should someone have any way to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it. :)
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I manage the Subscribestar page.

There are no transactions or subscriptions listed on our end. I'm really not sure what the error is, but it appears to be happening on Subscribestar itself and not related to the derpi project. I recommend not attempting any further donation attempts and filing a ticket/report on Subscribestar.

The only thing I see related to this is as below:

(the black rectangle is to hide the username which is different than the name here, the 'removed' is from Subscribestar itself)

My guess is your bank or card handler either hasn't dealt with Subscribestar before and sees them as suspect, or has had someone recently issue a chargeback on them and flagged future transactions for manual verification. I don't know if that message means your account was suspended or if you closed it.

If the charge does eventually go through and reaches us before it's cancelled, we can refund it, "manually" if Subscribestar proves to be an obstacle for that. As it is now, the problem appears to be between your bank/card and Subscribestar itself. If Subscribestar proves uncommunicative or unhelpful within the next couple of days, I urge you contact your bank/card issuer and report a failed transaction / chargeback.

I'm sorry for this and I hope it sorts itself out without additional friction =/
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Lincoln Brewster time
@The Smiling Pony
Okay. Thanks TSP, I really appreciate it.

I hope it's resolved personally, too. :(

EDIT: I just checked my bank account balance again and it looks like it's alright. Minus an unrelated purchase for something else, the numbers almost match what they were originally prior to the SubscribeStar donation.

In other words, the issue appears to be fixed, it's just the current balance display acting slow.
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