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If an artist is defending themselves, we tend to leave those comments. In those cases we try to leave the comment they are replying to as well, unless it's really off topic or just creating drama.

If you f
ind that someone is discussing politics on your artworks (which are not politically themed), please report them. And if you feel that someone is downvoting your art because of politics, and you believe the downvoting is being coordinated, please also report that and we will look into it.

If you reply to someone on your image and your comment would otherwise be rule breaking there's a chance we won't delete your post, depending on the circumstances.

Please note though that in this case the comments that were deleted were not deleted for simply scaylling others "T-Supporter". They said things ranging from "fucking sellout", to talking about whether Taylor Swift was bashing the POTUS and debating whether they are hated for their politics.

Those kinds of comments are entirely meta to that artist's fanart.

By the way, I have not been able to verify that the uploader is the artist, so I've deleted their comments as well.

If someone leaves comments such as these on your own art, please report them.
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