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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

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Oh nice. Make everything red with yellow letters, that is truly pleasing to the eye.
¡¡It's the best idea that you, bucking geniuses, have ever had. I wish that design was permanent, in fact, I would love it if every website I visit used the same damn colors!!

…Oh by the way. I was being sarcastic.
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💪😎🤜 S🔥W🔥A🔥G 🤛😂👍
Okay, how have the site policies been temporarily changed?
Is everyone a mod now, like the Great Terror of Robespierre where anyone could be accused of treachery and then guillotined?
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It's funny because it hurts my eyes to the point I can't look at the screen! Thanks so much, I totally didn't want to fap to cartoon horses or anything!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Ты дал мне тревожную атаку! Я ненавижу апрельских дураков!

(Я прощаю тебя и буду шутить в шутку).
Но мы все равны здесь. Так что будем счастливы и улыбаемся. :D

Все пони — лучшие пони. Особенно Starlight Glimmer.
Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
The moment I saw this, I thought "yep, this has to be an April Fool's Joke". And it is.

…not fooled at all, sorry. Decent effort though. :)
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