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It's not based on hate, it just inevitably leads to the deaths of millions of people! But not hatefully, it's like smothering your nan because she's eating too much food and the the family is starving.
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Aight, I'm out. Y'all are hopeless. Feel free to DM me if you have a strategy other than politely asking communists to stop destroying you.
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Imagine thinking that this website is purely meant for children.

Imagine not realizing that the defeult filters filter the dark humor out requiring people to manually turn filters off or removing that specific filter to see the content.

Imagine thinking that those who look at those images are actual real life nazis.
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Some dude drawing a nazi horse isn't going to bring back the third reich. As someone from 4chan, I'm used to being confronted with things that I either disagree with or which outright offend me, but like any person who doesn't spend their days being coddled in an echo chamber, you develop a shield for those kind of things. The power of a free civilization means problems are dealt with through dialog, and not by forbidding thought and banning disagreeable content. By doing the latter you only cause a massive counter-reaction that ends up dividing and potentially destroying communities you enjoy. There was nothing wrong with Derpibooru a month ago, and look where we are now. It's practically a civil war.
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If we find some, will you change your mind?

If you can find some and have irrefutable proof that they are, in fact, Nazis, then they should be banned. If they happened to like all the Nazi stuff, too, then it still doesn’t matter. There are plenty of people who aren’t Nazis that still enjoy things like Aryanne. They shouldn’t be punished because there were a few rotten eggs that just happened to be here.
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One thing- I'm Chinese. China is still technically communist.

Hold on a second
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Warhammer icon? Check.
Supporting a very specific side in this conversation? Check.
Rainbooru / 4chan tag? Check.
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What do you hope to see done other than just leaving? The staff themselves claim that they couldn't do shit.
Unless you're open to the idea of burning the site down on your way out, there's not much that anyone here can do.
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My family has suffered many deaths during WW2. My great-grandpa for one, was tortured to death for daring hide some unauthorized meat in the house during the USSR occupation. Take it from me, if you're pro-censorship, you are a bad person, or extremely misguided. I will NEVER falter on everyone's free rights.
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