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They don't care about the community's opinion, dude. Please stop being this gullible.


Yes, his definition of "compromise" is "give me some of what I want and you get nothing". There was zero chance of that becoming positive for our cause.
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I hate how the community has been completely torn apart by this shit. Seriously. If you take Aryanne or any of the Stalin Glimmer posts seriously, what the heck. The new rules have somehow made the community MORE divisive. This is absolutely retarded.
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Compromise: an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

Jim has 10 apples.
Jam wants 10 apples.
Jim does not want to give up any apples.
Jim gives up 1 apple.
Was this a compromise?
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Pretty pointless to do that when the mods themselves cant agree on anything, let along putting any sort of opinion poll to the userbase.
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At this point I say just make a damn sitewide poll. Only allow people that have had an account for at least 1 year to vote — voila, community's opinion is clear.

And being active in the last months at least, that should be one of the conditions. Some artists inactive for years just came to complain about """nazism""".
I think they should have done this before but as you can see they don't even care about the own other mods and site assistans' opinion, even less what the community thinks/wants.
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The Derpibooru community should understand, that if they allow one such simple censoring, this site will have a lot of other things removed eventually, because they can be reasoned in the same exact way.

All it would take is one public article focusing on them, and they will be gone.

Let's take Rape for example:

1. Rape is a real world problem. It can harm or kill people now (and it did in the past), and it shouldn't be promoted or trivialized.

2. Nazi is a real world problem. It can harm or kill people now (and it did in the past), and it shouldn't be promoted or trivialized.

See the similarities?

And beside Rape there are a lot of other things on this site that can be potentially viewed as promotion or trivializing of very bad or harmful things.

If we continue remove ALL potentially harmful pics from site, then eventually all potentially harmful or trivializing fetish arts will be gone as well.

Why stop there?

Some public article in the future might shame Derpibooru for having explicit pony content at all.

Then what? The site will become "safe for work" rated only?

This whole situation is a big mess…
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Imagine being upset over absurdist humor.

Imagine being upset over a horse with a swastika cutiemark.

Imagine being a foalcon rape artist and getting upset over anything someone else draws.

Imagine demanding an archiving site only cater to your personal tastes and delete everything you disagree with.

Imagine thinking that by doing so, you are improving the world.

Imagine being that deluded.

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Yes, his definition of "compromise" is "give me some of what I want and you get nothing". There was zero chance of that becoming positive for our cause.

I don’t disagree with you. I was just saying that Skoon did answer the question that BG Pony #8B38 asked.
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I think this is one of the most faulty arguments. You're accepting the fact that decent people don't see this art as a serious thing. A vast VAST majority of people on this site are "decent" in that regard.

The "nazis" who do take it seriously? I almost guarantee you I could literally count them on my fingers. They are a fraction of a fraction of a percent. If they decide to take someones artwork seriously… so what? It furthers their own already held beliefs? It changes absolutely nothing? Who cares.

For the decent people who see it as a cute horse doing stupid or absurd things, it also changes nothing. They suddenly don't hate jews or gays. Hell, much of Aryanne imagery IS gay porn.

The artwork is not some sort of infection, spreading its depicted views to otherwise good people. Its just pixels on a computer screen. It changes absolutely nothing.
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From screenshots and posts I've seen, Derpy Whooves at least will just parrot whoever's in charge. He previously stated he backed Parasprite both before this newest change and at the start of the announcement thread, but his most recent forum post is claiming that the rule reversal was a horrible mistake.
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That's the core issue, anyone thinking its just about the things that have been mentioned are sorely mistaken. The hallmark of SJW is to fight for the sake of fighting. If they win, they will just keep on fighting even if they have to make the smallest non issue into the worst thing that happened ever.

If you give them an inch they will take everything. The biggest issue i have is that i don't want Derpibooru to go the route of tumblr which i fear has set its first step onto that path.
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Because it sends a message that no-one wants anything to do with Nazis, save maybe to punch them in the face. It's not a topic on which not taking a side is an option for a good person.

@Background Pony #3117
Imagine being told that id you don't allow Nazi propaganda on your site, even though your family has been victim of hate crimes, you're a bad person.

imagine being told if you don't allow foalcon on your site, even though your cousin was abused by his teacher, you're a bad person.

Imagine being told that id you don't allow rape art on your site, even though you've been raped, you're a bad person.

(I'm not saying any of these have happened to the staff — but it's not like you know. And you can't pretend that speech has nothing to do with real harm.)
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Imagine just posting the news and truth about this platform supporting nazis and pedos very blatantly as "smearing". If that's smearing- well… Then nice platform you've got here. And sure, Patreon should be more than aware of who they're supporting. If y'all wanted a payment provider that actually respected the privacy and rights of its constituents maybe a FOSS solution should have been considered. It's certainly their right to be made aware of the absolute terrible people they're help funneling money to.
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They finally updated the DNP with me. See you guys on Rainbooru or whatever comes next. Sure, I had mostly got off the ride and was just doodling but it still hurts to see this site flip flop back and forth over what was mainly an archive of cute ponies, pony porn and other things from an extremely unexpected adult fandom. I don't think another cartoon will equal MLP this decade and I don't want it to be over but for me, it is.

I don't even know what I'm move on to. I just know it probably won't be here. The infighting in the fandom on every conceivable pony-related website since Pony Life dropped has just kind of taken its toll on me. This was always what I did to forget the strife in my life, not find more of it.

The issues isn't with the art itself. It's with the idea that this site is a free, neutral place for all people. Nazis should not — should never — be welcome here — art is just a way of spotting them.
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