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I really hate to say it. But the only choice we'd have is rainbooru. As much as I really really would hate to do that, but if the mods bend the knee then we'd have very few choices and that about the only near active one without censorship currently. We all know who to thank for the media involvement, especially since their name was in the first article. Not too surprising really, especially since they were 4chan originally, so who expects them to be civil and not stir up issues.
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I like your art and I've even bought a mousepad from you in the past but its sad to see you acting like a cunt who's not even attempting to understand where people's arguments are coming from. It's like you came here just to be angry and talk down to other people.
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Okay. Big problem coming up. It seems that this is starting to spread to the media.
They are
starting to
run with it
This could mean more censorship regardless. As I asked in the other thread: could Derpibooru really survive standing steadfast in this environment? What if they get cut off from money flow or being mass media canceled?

Damn. It's happening faster. In addition to those possible outcomes, there's another way it could happen…

Hasbro decides to virtue signal and goes full DMCA takedown mode (screencaps, GIFs, etc). And they could do it to the new sites too.
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stop lowering yourself to their standards please. Just report and move on, there's plenty of much better and understanding artists here.
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Unedited screencaps and GIFs of the show and movies? (don't forget a lot of the MLP Movie stuff is still prohibited from being on this site). And unedited pages of IDW comics?
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The unedited may actually face a issue. But that's a bit more complex.

I'd actually like to thank the moderator who handled that situation for being fair and even by the way.
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You see, there's one wee little tiny secret about all this. People who support silencing others do not "vote with their wallet". It has been proven time and time again.
Where will you be once even the neutrals know that you equate "drawing a pony caricature of nazism" with "racism" and "nazi sympathy" and likely will not stop at this, and refuse to support you financially?

And yes, this is what is banned. Real nazi propaganda has never been allowed.

Also, where will you be once the censorship reaches something you support? It will.
P.S. BLM is antisemitic.
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