The Anti-Censorship DNP Pledge

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Probably because they passed the Point of No Return a long time ago and have no way of going back without the possibility of severe backlash, IMO.
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What the flying fuck.
And I was praising him for being the one to answer to us and whatnot and he’s saying that.  
Acting like the whole reason this thread exist is just because of nazi ponies?
This is really, REALLY saddening. I was hoping they’d realize the underlying issue with the rule (how it was created and how it was handled) rather than the rule itself, but considering we still don’t have a statement and have this instead, I just can’t believe it.
I can’t even believe them when they say they are “working on a statement” now, they are just gaining time. Removing and adding people at random in the staff list doesn’t really mean anything, JUST SAY SOMETHING FFS.
This is so sad jesus.
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A small thing worth considering; the Derpy Hooves screencap (and indeed, the DNP itself) is from before this DNP train (1064!!!) really got rolling. I don’t think it changes much but it’s a detail.
The other screencap was absolutely more recent, though.
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It’s really bizarre how long it’s taking. They honestly can’t be just waiting for it to blow over? They must know that there won’t be any normality until this is resolved one way or the other.
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Most people tend to go with the flow. Most people avoid difficult issues. And it’s OK.
That being said, the artists who have DNP’d could leave some statements to their followers on why they have chosen to do this and leave links to alternate sites where to find them.
This is a sad time.
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TBH, I feel like the majority of the site either doesn’t know about the change or is neutral towards the whole thing.
It’s like Twitter and Facebook, they’re “too big” right now. Along with having the most traffic. Which is valuable for artists who want exposure. There’s no other viable alternatives at the present.
However. In the case of mere imageboards like this one, and unlike with big social media infrastructures. I do believe it’s MUCH easier to create and foster competing websites. It just takes time and commitment. Not to mention the traffic and users.
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it’s all zoophilia
The irony is I saw someone say how the Furry community “dealt” with it’s “bad” people problem.
Yet, there have been rampant problems in that community, such as bestiality, animal abuse, disgusting act in public (look up the rainFurest incident) and there was a raid not too recently on a prominent furry outed as a child predator and a bunch only tried to play victim because many of them protected these type and kept thier mouth shut to not be excommunicated
Good job rooting out the bad apples. There’s a good reason for the joke that the biggest group that hates furries are the furries.
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Have you not seen the Derpy Whooves screencap? People who stand up for free speech are “undesirables”. They want to remake the site in the vision of the people who cried for this rule on twitter, not in the vision of “the nazis”.
Nothing’s getting reverted.

I never planned on commenting on this site, doing anything except lurking around and looking at the cute horse art. However, I suppose that it’s my personal moral obligation to chime in and let the mods who seem to be watching this thread so closely how I think on this matter.
I think it’s absolutely deplorable. I think that the people responsible for the pushing of this censorship are absolutely 100% deplorable. I seriously thank everyone, and especially the artists submitting DNPs, for speaking out against this. It’s absolutely fantastic to see such a diverse, caring group of people come together to speak out against this kind of censorship.
It’s good to know that the motto of this fandom still might just be love & tolerance.
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Good on all the artists in here willing to stand up to censorship. This is pretty blatantly one sided, a move caused by outside influences in alliance with several within our fandom. I’d recommend to the mods considering heavily reviewing the new rules put in place, but many have tried, and it heavily seemed to fall on deaf ears. I think the bleeding is likely to continue.  
To all who believe this is a good thing, one day some outside movement will try this again, because the administration here has already capitulated once. Don’t for a second fool yourself into thinking it won’t happen again.
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The shit that this site is doing is the reason that fandoms have died early, and the only thing left is the sanitized correct way to create fanart as well as just piggybacking on bad memes because it’s the only thing they can do.
Which how many have signed the DNP out of anti-censorship stance, this site will probably become a ghost town of re-uploaded screencaps. Not because the show ended, but because of their hubris and lack of backbone.
no Competition breaths stagnation, look at comics, Tabletop, Card games and the like- that even goes for image archive sites.
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For artist expanding or migrating to pillowfort, I found this one crazy trick to make uploading your back catalogue easier.
  1. copy tags from here  
  2. past into a text app  
  3. find/replace ‘1234567890’ with ‘null’  
  4. find/replace ‘+’ with ‘,’  
  5. paste into the pillowfort tags section
    (Doctors hate me)
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Technically speaking the Derpy mod screencap was apparently written by him after this thread was made, assuming the person on Twitter didnt sit on that convo for a day or two.
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Yeah, that probably should have been started long ago. Hopefully the planned new boorus get in gear fairly quickly, so then they have pillowfort and the boorus to post to.
Such is the nature of things. How long will it be until the mainstream media takes note of a new thing to get outraged over in the fandom? After all, they got a good amount of headlines out of it recently. Not too long until their eyes turn back to us to once again spin up the outrage mill. Derpi now has the unenviable position of being those who capitulate easily.
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Hopefully another site with more free expression arises.
I know there’s a bunch of Discord replacements popping up after their idiocy of saying they’ll big brother everyone.
Ironically enough, Discord banned loli, but Cub (essentially furry loli) was permitted since a lot of the moderators are furries and when enough stink was raised, they banned it to a slew of mods whining about “stiffing art” when they cheered for large-eyed anime girls to be removed.
I’ve seen several pictures that were meant to take the piss out of the censorship happy by mixing something offensive and labeled “hate” symbol with permissible one. The site couldn’t have jokes at the expense of the easily offended.
The furries banned the guy that did the “Fured riche” stuff, and he was an Asian. Not even white, yet was labled as such because they didn’t like him joking. I even think is GF was mixed race or something, I don’t remember.
And to go back to comics: It’s always telling when a WHITE PROGRESSIVE male feminist that created an egotistical sociopath calls a black man a WHITE SUPREMACIST because he dared to make fun of his teenage terrorists.
They become what they fight.
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Peace to all
There used to be a few but most died or only serve specific taste. Now its time to rebuild. It is important though that we keep fandom specific infrastructure regardless as our fandom needs to protect its identity and unique mix of cultural influences over becoming yet another group taken over by the Twitter elite or devolving into right wing shitposters.
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