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They pretty much cant lock this until they come up with a valid responsewhich i’m not sure even existsto the various concerns , they know trust is at an all time low and people are screencapping every single thing that gets posted just in case of a rapid delete, not to mention /mlp/ watching this whole thing like a hawk and doing the same thing.  
Look at how quick the post about Derpy was removed and then reinstated, this whole situation is a powder keg already and that twitter post just poured gasoline on it.
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If they really lock the thread, this is like flipping the checkerboard over because you were losing.
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So they got scared of pissing off two sides AND they decided to piss off the overwhelming majority, the one that left Aryanne with hundreds of positive scores? No matter how you look at it it’s bullshit. All you had to do was shut the fuck up and ignore agitators. You put yourself in this position, derpi.
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“I’d honestly rather be anti-nazi than support people who have killed some of my family.”
No, we did not kill your family. The people who killed your family have been dead for many, many years.  
I am Polish. MY family has been killed in WW2. I am not going to oppose freedom of expression because of that. Having a cute pony on your site /=/ supporting genocide. Jesus Christ what is this childlike view of the world?
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Seems like it always comes down to people either like Nazis, or communism.
Then there’s people like me who think both ideologies are utter shit.
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It’s extremely possible. They won’t let their little PR man run away. They think removing that one account will satisfy us… Nah… They ain’t even close.
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Pomegranates :P
Derpi is watching this thread for sure. Check out the list and see who is missing…
Oh it goes WAAAAY deeper than that.  
Plus some of those on there are actually decent people. So I would advise against lumping them all into the shit pile. But a select strategic number of them.
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Question is. Why they go?  
Because I’d expect most artists are just going to stay put and not get into the fray or are unaware of the whole thing. Of course along with those who “support” the current Derpi.
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Yeah I’m going to need to start browsing the MLP tag on e621 and paheal. So much art not on derpi to be found there. I’m guessing more and more art is going to be non-derpi exclusive now… Thanks for the links.
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I honestly don’t know what’s taking them so long to revert some rules and make a statement about it. They say discussions are happening, but I really don’t know what’s left to discuss. Now people are leaving (or perhaps being kicked off of) the administration team. This becoming a slopfest.
Let me remind those who are still misguided: this has nothing to do with Aryanne, politics, nazi imagery, nazi propaganda, racism, BLM movement, or zebras. This is a matter of censorship due to a set of arbitrarily-decided rules. Anyone trying to make this about nazism is either misguided, baiting, or a political extremist.
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They haven’t said anything yet because patreonbux come in on the first of the month and they don’t want anyone canceling before then.
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