The Anti-Censorship DNP Pledge

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Never liked the Aryanne tag, and I'm kinda glad the mods are cracking down on this stuff.
Not gonna say I agree with your stance, but you do you.
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>You are also not being censored. Nothing about the recent decisions affects what you can or are allowed to draw, just what you can and are allowed to post here. If you really feel the need to make "content that promotes, glorifies, or trivializes nazism" or "content that promotes hatred and/or discrimination against others based on race, gender, or sexuality", you are welcome to do what all the people who make artwork with underage human looking characters already do and host it elsewhere.

How did you write that out without realizing that is telling people what they can and can't draw? Also if your suggestion is the people that don't like the rule leave then you should be behind this thread, of course anyone that produces content also reserves their right to pick their ball up and take it where they want and honestly should if they aren't going to be respected enough to be allowed to produce what they want somewhere.
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If they remove art because they claim it supports nazis, but will keep communist work, then yes, its censorship. It dose not matter if I support either group, what I care about is being told what Im allowed to post. So yes, people can move on and not post here. That is fine and it is what people are doing. The issue I find revolting is the hypocrisy. If you support free speech, you have to let both sides post. If you stop one and not the other, then you are forcing a view.
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It's kind of the same as big tech censorship. They aren't taking away your right to literally talk. But they're taking your right to freely express it in their platform.
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Was planning on doing this independently anyways but this is as good of a time as any. I am frankly disgusted at the idea that my free expression has to be restricted so the lowest common denominator doesn't have to be challenged by something they dislike. Catering to people like this is tyranny cloaking itself in the guise of moralism and I will not be complicit in it. Once an alt has been set up I will be removing all my content if it isn't already removed by our benefactors.

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I'm just replying to say it's funny that like 3/5 of the people signing this pledge have like nothing but Aryanne content in their galleries anyway lol.
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Deletion reason: Rule #0. This thread is peaceful and I'd rather it stay that way
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So far that is true of no one in this thread who has signed it. Especially since a few of these people were in c4ac seems like this is a bit of cope posting.
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If there's no official statement regarding plans to undo some of the growing censorship rules, I'll be DNPing my work within a day or two. Unsure if I'll have all my art removed, as I think art archival is important, but if things don't change, then I think this site will no longer be fit for that purpose anyway.
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There's 3 alternatives being made rn by pretty competent people, though I hesitate to list their resume do to possible harassment by the pro censorship crowd on Twitter and the likes. You'll definitely hear about it once they come out.

I do know of a few of them, and I will be following their progress.

Sad to see that things are turning this way, but all my encouragement and sincere thanks to artists (and non-artists as well!) who care about censorship and hypocrisy, and want to take a stand against it. Some of us do care about being able to post anything (legal of course), even if we don't agree with it personally
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If the site admins are really stupid enough to endorse and enforce censorship for the sake of some short lived brownie points with divisive as hell political groups then when this site dwindles and dies they will have dug their own grave.

At least you weren't racist though right, that's why we're all here isn't it, to not be racist and ensure equity is maintained among all races and genders while we talk about CARTOON HORSES. I can literally watch a cartoon animal get raped, probably to death if i looked hard enough, on this website, but ironic RACISM is just too much for the delicate denizens here on Derpibooru, got it.

I look forward to what gets banned next.

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They actually probably would be free of it simply because it usually takes a while for a new site to gain traction. And by the time it does this will be completely forgotten about. Sure it's weird that even the NYT picked up on this but they wouldn't if it wasn't topical. They're barely interested in the fandom and even that won't last very long.

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Correct. A lot of people are hurt and frustrated with what's going on and just need somewhere to express that. Even outside of the site is a complete mess and we have absolutely no idea what the world will look like even 6 months from now. Not something any of us would have expected in our lifetime.
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Wait, I just checked the rules just now, and I don’t see the new rule! If it was deleted from the rules, does that no longer mean it’s one of the rules? If yes, then why are people still getting fussed up over it? I don’t understand.
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Tbh glad that my comment was deleted with the other. THAT is keeping it balanced
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