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[bq]they can still influence said decisions if they remain on the team, because they'll be in contact with the people allowed to make the decisions[/bq]Notice the contradiction. They don't have to remain on the team to still be in contact, moreso, if anyone tries to block said contact by banning them, or worse, following them offsite, it's liable to make it worse by getting current undecided staff on _their_ side instead of ours.
Also, _literal_ silencing.
[bq]only requires responsible parties to be more withdrawn until a point in the future[/bq]Full disclosure: I believe that they won't be able to do so, because they're behaving in a manner inconsistent with having patience.
Nonetheless, what probation does is give _time_. Yes, time does not discriminate. The head-staff might "cool down" and realise they're making a mistake, and improve - or they might convince the rest of the staff to partake in the same ideology and hence destroy the site for good. I do not actually emotionally care about what will happen after a month of probation and that might be one of subconscious considerations for it.
[bq]I personally think the best thing is a full resignation + a period of being barred from the staff team, after which they can join as an assistant and work up the ranks like anyone else.[/bq]That is also a good idea. But again, see above about inability to actually block them from talking with the staff.
[bq]I honestly believe you are highly qualified to take up the reins, whether as an admin or even a community representative.[/bq]Pfffft, no. I am _*not_* qualified for actual control, because _I can'not stay on track for long enough_. I get bored - of anything - quickly and can only work through that boredom with a lot of willpower, and I am scarce on willpower even for IRL matters, much less a site. Advice, sure, being a friend so that a lifeline exists for people wanting to get out of wokeness, sure, all of that I can do without being on staff.

[bq]The justification for this censorship that it somehow stops people from doing bad things in real life is pure hypocrisy.[/bq]By the way, I have thought about it, and it's the very literal slippery slope fallacy. "If you look at pictures of a nazi pony, you'll become a nazi/promote nazis!" It skips a lot of steps in between by assuming all these steps will be followed, the definition of slippery slope.
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