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Do I interpret this change (“fix tag slug double encoding”) correctly, that:
  • Tags whose first use came before that commit will have characters treated differently than tags whose first use came after that change? eg.
  • There’s no way to compute client-side the correct link to an arbitrary tag (not counting somehow getting a cache of every legacy tag, not an approach I’m interested in limited to only tags with special characters, it wasn’t too bad, about 1MB)?
    • An API request would therefore be necessary to create a tag link from a typed-in tag name?
…given that hyperlinks to a tag page must match the slug in the database or else they break (eg. you cannot link to applejack%27s+hat nor izzy%2527s+tennis+ball)
Is that right?
This post was brought to you by: me trying to make a userscript to insert tag links, feeling clever when I noticed that they were double encoded, then feeling confused when not every link worked.
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So, some of you may have noticed that the site has been much faster lately. This is because we’ve finally moved to a new server. We have many more opportunities to implement more demanding features, because even at peak hours our average CPU usage is merely 8-10%. If you made any feature suggestions, now would be an excellent time to bump them in this thread or on GitHub (this one if your feature applies to Philomena software in general and could be of use on Furbooru as well, or this one if it is Derpibooru-specific or pony-themed).
Additionally, the site is now much cheaper to run. New totals will be reflected on our donation pages once we get through the latest bills and can put an exact number on our costs of operation.
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