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Site Development Notification and Feedback Thread

Background Pony #1057
Do I interpret this change (“fix tag slug double encoding”) correctly, that:
  • Tags whose first use came before that commit will have characters treated differently than tags whose first use came after that change? eg.
  • There’s no way to compute client-side the correct link to an arbitrary tag (not counting somehow getting a cache of every legacy tag, not an approach I’m interested in limited to only tags with special characters, it wasn’t too bad, about 1MB)?
    • An API request would therefore be necessary to create a tag link from a typed-in tag name?
…given that hyperlinks to a tag page must match the slug in the database or else they break (eg. you cannot link to applejack%27s+hat nor izzy%2527s+tennis+ball)
Is that right?
This post was brought to you by: me trying to make a userscript to insert tag links, feeling clever when I noticed that they were double encoded, then feeling confused when not every link worked.
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