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The change from moving the sorting in the database (which does collation) to doing the sorting in the application (which doesn't, and sorts by codepoint values) caused the change.

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@icey wicey 1517
Then we should up that so it can move onward to infinity.

Why would it have a maximum number built in? I'm guessing a comment section would normally just allow infinite commenters, so someone had to actually go in and make it stop at 200035. I don't think it would crash the site or cause problems in the display because it only ever shows a small number of comments and pages at 1 time.
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I'm assuming that the mods don't want to formally recognize comment drama as something notable, and don't want to enable the sort of person who would actively search for "drama in the comments".
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@Officer Hotpants
1024 > 1000 when it comes to describing computer storage and speeds.

Even if I think that the term "mebibytes" is fucking stupid and the "mega" prefix (and others used in computer terms) should just change based on context.
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