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@Princess Celestia
The only noticeable change on the homepage is slight upwards movement of the magnifying glass icon compared to regular Derpibooru; this happens only on 110% zoom and more. It isn’t visibly misaligned or anything; it’s still fine.
On image page also the text in comment formatting buttons (B, i, U, etc.) changes slightly. I see that it ends up with “font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif” applied instead of just sans-serif. It’s still just as usable, no real problem here.
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@Princess Celestia
Sigh of relief partnered with big thumbs-up
Thank you, sincerely…
@Princess Celestia
Otherwise, can confirm that everything seems to be working correctly. Comment-area buttons darken when hovered and perform their regular tasks when clicked (including hyperlink and image spawning a prompt box), menu-bar dropdown lists automatically drop down and the list source darkens, links change colors when hovered, all seems normal at a glance.
…As a disclaimer, I actually have no idea how much of that is CSS vs raw HTML vs JS, because I abandoned the headache of working directly with CSS in favor of JS shortly after first picking up coding, and then at one point abandoned working with raw HTML to solely work in JS altogether. And so I’d do all of the above through JS.
Is there anything in particular we should be looking for? Specific things that we should check to see if are working, or that you suspect to not be working / have been borked?
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In case you’re still here, if it helps, I had exactly the same confusion. I use this site nearly every other day, and was baffled what the poll was actually asking and confused it in exactly the same way you have.
But - please know that is USEFUL DATA for UI design. If you and I, people who are constantly working with filters and using this site at least half of the days in the year, didn’t even remember that feature existed, then that is useful information.
It doesn’t mean the feature’s going away - not at all. It just means that you and I have no use cases that take advantage of that feature. In our muscle memories, it’s never been used beyond possibly figuring out what it was and what it did once upon a time, and then we forgot about it because we had no use for it (unless someone happened to ask how to use it - which for me only meant I had to play with it for a few minutes to even remember what it did).
For me, that feature is a “set and forget”. Once I realized I liked the site’s default, my brain erased it from my personal perception of the interface.
And that is reflected in my vote. Just as I suspect it is in your’s :)
So … you are a good tester. You observe, and report, and when it turns out your observation was skewed you recognize that almost immediately and report that information too.
10 out of 10 would ask you to test again.
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With @Ciaran here. I immediately confused the question for being about the filter-pick dropdown menu as well, and I might’ve still tried to run with that assumption if the next message below yours hadn’t made it more clear. Furthermore, certainly not the first time I’ve made this sort of misunderstanding - especially if you count the instances that surfaced from a bit of momentary dyslexia. Wrote a whole review of a small animation over one of those. Misreading /misunderstanding something is FAR from a capitol offense, mon freund.
    (I actually legitimately just quick-read the form’s completion response as “Your response has been discarded.”, giving me a double-take, for a great example!)
Regarding the feature - the “static”/etc. dropdown - definitely never used. Nice part of the background, though. In fact, I legitimately don’t think I’ve ever used it at all, since the spoilering function isn’t a part of the two filters I use 99.99% of the time: The site’s “Everything” option, and a manually-created “Sans-Anthro-Humanized” filter that’s basically just Everything but exclusively ponies/‘feral’ (and semi-anthro).
I’m still highly entertained by seeing the spoiler covers whenever I’m in a situation where I’ve been kicked back to the Default filter, and when I happen to see another image that’s collage of- or reference to them, though. I’ve just never personally had a use for it, and thereby wonder if there’s a particular reason to have its effects that handily adjustable. Maybe so that it’s easy to shift back and forth when moving between general browsing, when someone would want the warning, and specific searches, when someone would presumably already know what they’re getting into?
I’ve also filled out the form appropriately. Thanks again for the effort you guys keep putting into the site. You know, the option to set the spoiler-type per filter does sound like it would be pretty neat, for those who use more complex filters… At least, that was the function that came to mind after reading over the “Filters page” option a couple times.
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@Princess Celestia
It definitely should be a cookie settings that can be set even if not logged in, like “Serve WebM”, “Use video thumbnails”, etc. Every time I felt the need to switch it, the dropdown list was missing because I was not logged in.
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