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A lot of your nitpicks is just my poor screenshot quality, I accidentally captured parts of my browser window with it.

Also everything on that screenshot is WIP. It was simply a milestone of UI remake to have one page that actually looks not broken.

deed, the redesign on desktop is mainly focused on adjusting contrasts and making padding consistent. Avatar shape will be customizable by user for their own avatar. Want it round? You got it. Want it square? No problem. Recurring donators will also get access to setting their avatar shape to fun new shapes like hexagons, stars, etc. We're **not** gonna pursue or punish those who simply edit their avatar shape in photoshop or something to match a donator shape, the whole point is the convenience of having the site do it for you anyway.

Redesign will have loads of customization options. Thus far here's what I confirm will be customizable:
- main layout alignment (left, centered, right)
- search bar width (classic, wide)
- roundness of corners (subtle/default, ROUND ME BABY, no rounding)
- theme (dark, light, amoled friendly mode)
- theme color (blue, purple, green, ...)
- avatar shape (square, circle, ...)
- pony icons for voting

Some of these customizations will be shipped AFTER the initial deployment, though I'll make sure it won't be more than a few days later. That's because some of them need database changes.
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