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Oh, no, this is absolutely the first kind of thing that came to my mind. I've gone wading through the snow to re-find an exact image a dozen times, not to mention the plenty of instances when I've been looking for reference images for a conversation / worldbuilding accuracy / piece of work.

I've just never really had to fight the searchbar in the process. Or at least, if I did, that was never near the top of the frustration list.

I can absolutely see why the extended bar would be a benefit to the site's core concept. I just don't personally want it compared to what I have - ergo my suggestion that it's a toggle, to meet in the middle. And even then, that was honestly one of my lowest complaints, and should've probably been in the nitpick list. I just started with that one and things spiraled out of control from there as I noticed one thing after another.
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