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I don’t know if it’s a bug, or an oversight:
I noticed that the “Recent Galleries” section on my profile page NEVER changes.
Even if create new galleries, or add/remove pictures in the older galleries, it’s always showing the same galleries, not even the ones I created or modified last (and I created/modified many other Safe galleries).
Either this section “Recent Galleries” doesn’t work as intended at all, or it works in some way which isn’t obvious or intuitive.
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I’ve brought it up before, but it seems to be in an especially bad state at the moment.
Something is wrong with the way the site processes tag changes or reversions, such that the index can become so damaged:
(notice the tags missing when searching by image count, and the out-of-order sorting)
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Probably a bug in how I parse URLs in the code that relative-izes on-site URIs. Will fix.
Bump-o reminder-o~
Just in case it’s a separate part of the code (but it probably isn’t), it also affects the auto-linkification of on-site links, correctly including the fragment (a.k.a. hash) in the clickable text but excluding the fragment from the href:
I’m way out of my depth, but my wild guess is that you might need to use URL instead of URI; I get the sense from glancing at the Rust docs that URIs don’t include the fragment.
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When I try to fetch from this Tumblr post, it “succesfully” fetches (moves the URL to the source field and fills in the artist and description) but does not actually show any selectable images, and neither does it give an error about being unable to find an image.
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Adding a description filter (for example, description:xyzzy on its own line) to your complex hide filter causes the site to 500 when you attempt to view an image page.
Steps to reproduce:
  1. Create a new filter.
  2. Add description:test to the complex hide filter list.
  3. Set the filter as your current one.
  4. Attempt to view the homepage.
Steps to turn off the filter, just in case you’re stuck in this state:
  1. Go to the page.
  2. Either edit the filter to remove the hide filter or…
  3. Set another filter as your current one.
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@Background Pony #62CA
Been a while since I uploaded stuff from Tumblr, but… That’s a text post with an inline image, not an actual image post. IIRC the fetcher never worked with posts like this and you always had to manually copy the image url from the post.
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