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The tag “this will end in tears and/or death” returns a 404 error. I think it’s the character code, but still…  
Firefox 26.0  
8:00 PM MST January 25, 2014
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I’m trying to upload a new image that I saved to this site, but it won’t accept it!!
There were 3 errors shown:
-Site can only accept such and such formats
-Image width not specified
-image height not specified
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You probably saved it in the wrong format, or as an HTML document. We’ll need more info about the file in order to help you though.
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Check your file extension. Especially tumblr sometimes gives .png.jpe or .jpe for jpg files, just save the pic to your PC, change the extension to .jpg and it should work
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Manually Breathing
-> Tag information is collapsed by default.  
-> Unsubscribing from Notifications page will will show “Unsubscribe” on refresh.  
-> Filter search does not work  
-> Deleted forum posts count towards post number; messes with pagination  
-> Subscribing to a forum area will show thread creator name even if they were as-anon  
-> Editing tags can revert a source change if someone edited source before you saved  
-> >>#t and >>#p forum syntax does not show in post preview
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When Images are merged forward it doesn’t save my subscription. My likes and faves are moved to the new image, but my subscription is not.

I don’t know if this is just me, but today when I have searched, images that I have spoilered don’t show up in the thumbnails as the regular warning image (like Chrysalis Grimdark, or Jesus Foalcon, or Twilight Episode/Comic Spoilers), but as a small image of a smiling Apple Bloom.
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Not too sure if this is a bug, but for some weird reason (and this happens at random) when I attempt to favorite an image after restarting my browser, I wind up with an error instead of faving it, it usually takes a couple refreshes or visiting an image to fix the problem.
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