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If you add a source, then without reloading the page edit that source, it winds up with the first one AND the second one instead of replacing the first one with the second one. (This might only happen if the post had no source to start with?)
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What does it mean?!?
The Boosting Terms section of the Search Syntax page has outdated information, with negative boost values no longer being possible to use, returning the error “Boost value must be non-negative.” when attempted in a search query.
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I want to add tag “Detailed mouth” on images that was posted by some site users, but i can’t do it. It didn’t pop up in tag list when i try to edit tags, so i can’t add this tag, but i can still find this tag on my regular search on the site, which means that the tag is working (or at least must).
Here’s link to the post that i want to add this tag, if needed. I also want to add this tag to similar images:
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I miss the show so much
It’s not a bug. The popup only lists tags that have been used at least around 30-35 times. This is due to space-saving reasons (putting all tags on the list would make it too big). detailed mouth exists, but it has been used only three times at this time, so it’s not on the list. You can add it, just type it fully yourself instead of clicking it on the list. It’s a list of suggestions after all.
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re: above
I see from time to time that users say they “can’t add a tag”, I guess because it’s not clear that the autocomplete dropdown is only for convenience, and that pressing comma or enter will add what has been typed to the tags ready to submit once the user clicks “Save tags”.
Perhaps the text that shows above the tag field, which includes Separate tags with commas, needs improvement? Also, I don’t see any explanation of the process and mechanics of tagging in the FAQ (which only discusses a bit of tagging philosophy) nor elsewhere.
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I think fast and limited autocomplete should fallback to slow one (via api) to provide autocomplete for all existing tags. Someone complained before that autocomplete didn’t work for their artist tag, this would fix it.
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Okay, i got it. Thank you. I tried couple of times to add tag, but the tag did not want to be added. That’s why i typed here. For some reason now it added without problems. I typed everything correct on my past attempts, don’t know why tag did not want to be added but now it added.
Thank you for your time and i apologise for disturbing you. Have a nice day!
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Perhaps not strictly a bug, but definitely missing functionality:
It looks like the controls for galleries (eg. “Edit”, “Delete”) are hidden when the width is less than 700 pixels, with no alternate way to get to them.
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No. I tested it with Chrome’s developer tools device emulation mode because some other people posted that they had trouble finding those links.
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Go fsck yourself
Trying to upload an image, originally found here, but Derpibooru keeps telling me:
Image DNP (Artist upload only)
Yet if I search for artist:crystallord there are no matching results, AND that artist name does not appear in the DNP list.
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Site didn’t sent confirmation email to gmail, or registration closed, or this confirmation emails sent manually?
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