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Hello, I tried using the derpibooru API to save a list of my favorited images, but I cannot use the API programmatically because apparently it is behind cloudflare’s anti bot detection? is the url I tried to access, it works fine from the browser but when I do the request from code, I get a “are you a robot” verification kind of HTML document instead of the JSON I requested.
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The quick tag links overlap each other.
I was wondering why I would sometimes click (what appeared to be) on one tag and get the one below it instead.
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If you have a complex filter with “my:hidden” and a whole lot of brackets, delete that part. It’s suspected some sort of 3rd party “helper” userscript is adding that and support for hyper-nested queries is deprecated. Additionally, filtering “my:hidden” does nothing as the images are hidden by a different function.
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I posted this on Discord but
I noticed it doesn’t fetch the highest quality Twitter image when posting in a link  
It fetched the 1200 x 1200 instead of 1280 x 1280 with slightly but pretty significant amount more compression artifacts
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Tags that are aliased seem impossible to remove from an image. (Several images have tags that are aliased.)
Related, half-bug half-enhancement/feature: tag implications can add tags which have been aliased - so, either the site should check and follow aliasing when executing implications, or, the routine to set up an alias should update anything that implies that tag to instead imply the alias target. (Maybe it already does the latter and there are just some old relics to fix manually?)
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This has been bugging me (no pun intended) for awhile now. The 30 seconds between comments needs either fixed or removed as it does not always work as it is supposed to. I can count many MANY times I have viewed and commented on images in less then 30 seconds without waiting. And then there is the rare time that the 30 second thing actually DOES work. Mind you I am not saying I am against the rule, what I am against is that if it is supposed to be a thing, it should ALWAYS work
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For about the better part of the past hour (since ~07:00 UTC), I’ve been unable to download images from Derpibooru, using the Download or DS buttons. I don’t get an error message, it just sits there after clicking (message at the bottom of the browser says “Waiting for…”, browser’s spinning icon spins), and does nothing.
EDIT: Oddly, I can still view pages here on Derpibooru without a problem, or upvote, comment on images (or in this forum/thread obviously), etc.; the only thing I can’t do is download images.
I’m sure Cloudflare is the problem, but thought it best to let you guys & gals know, anyway.
EDIT 2: I found that I can download images IFF I access the site through my VPN.
EDIT 3: Nevermind, I guess…? Cloudflare un-f*cked itself, and downloads are working as intended/normal again, with or without VPN. Yay! :)
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