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Removal of pic 2481090

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Luna Best Pony~
An image isn’t pony-related just because something pony is in it; for instance, exploitable meme templates with unrelated content or pony merchandise in real-life pornography.
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Artist - snoopystallion

well its not a meme, its specific fluttershy content, its good sound quality. the thumbnail says everything about the content in the link.

or is it not enough to give trump a fluttershy mane? i saw lesser pony content which wasnt flagged with rule 3 tbh.

so how to fix that? uploading a webm version of the youtube video? would that get flagged with rule3 as well?
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Princess Celestia
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

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It's a picture of trump with fluttershy bits slapped onto it just to make it pony related. That does fall under Rule #3.
An image isn’t pony-related just because something pony is in it
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