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Lincoln Brewster time
I was just wondering why spoiled images are still viewable by thumbnail in the search result pages, when you can't view it upon clicking it unless you tap the image.

I ask this because I have some higher-rated tags spoiled so I don't have to hide everything, yet not have to see everything. "@Grimdark@":/tags/grimdark is one and as a result of what I mentioned above, I can still see some of the more disturbing images without getting a chance to view the tags first before clicking on it.

This is true with spoiled images like "@suggestive@":/tags/suggestive and "@semi-grimdark@":/tags/semi-dash-grimdark too. I believe that any tag a person spoils should spoil all the images upon searching that tag, so you aren't subjected to possibly disturbing images within a naturally spoiled tag on Derpibooru.

My two cents.
Reason: Linked grimdark o.o
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