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hi why do i have to come up with a stupid password it is not a bank account fine u let me know passowrds like that was compromise i do not care its a site to view art so let me secure my account the way i please
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Modern browsers will generate a random password for you on signup and you don’t even have to think about it. Why is this an issue?
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Are you using the same password for every site? That means that if one site gets a data breach, attackers can easily gain access to any other site where you use the same email (or username) and password combination.
Get a password manager.
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“wHy dO i nEeD a PaSsWoRd”  
I dunno, so no one else can access your account and mess with your favorites, comments, impersonate you, or otherwise make your life hell on this site? And if you’re an artist, it makes it that much worse if you decide to upload art and then someone decides to start spamming non-pony or otherwise bannable content and gets your account yeeted.  
Just a thought though, maybe user accounts are just dumb and we shouldn’t have them at all, we’ll all just be anons! /s
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