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"Paradox of Tolerance"

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I personally think anything political should be banned and moved to a seperate site.

Great! Then you agree that Nazi symbols should be banned and moved to a separate site. We are in agreement.
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Whilst legal in the majority of countries
The use of Nazi symbols is legal in Israel
Canada has no legislation specifically restricting the ownership, display, purchase, import or export of Nazi flags.
The public display of Nazi flags is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution which, affirmed by the Supreme Court case Texas v. Johnson, guarantees the right to freedom of speech.
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Just a flurry of H₂O
@Background Pony #E334
Funny how it works, isn't it?

@Background Pony #4117
Not all of us live in the pesudo freedom United Oligarchy of America, neither do all of us live in Apartheid Isreal.

Help me out here. Are you seriously trying to say that you think Israel's tolerance for Nazi symbolism is some kind of indicator of wider problems in that country, emblematic of exactly why it's so awful?

You do remember the history of the modern State of Israel, yes, founded less than four years after the Holocaust? By Jews? Later sent out Mossad to hunt down dozens if not hundreds of Nazi escapees for extrajudicial execution?

That Israel?

I'm trying not to be rude, but it really seems like this argument refutes itself. If the actual country founded and run by the survivors and relatives of the most-targeted group from the Holocaust, opposed to the Nazis to the extent of running an assassination campaign of unparalleled scope against the remainder, somehow finds that it should not be illegal to have symbols of the Nazis around, doesn't it seem a lot more plausible that they actually had to seriously think this through and wrestle with it a lot? That they would have had every reason to take all possible counter-arguments as seriously and favorably as possible, but still wound up leaving it legal just the same?

inb4 Poe's law
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you mean the "original european jews" who founded israel over an already existing muslim country? who are killing in a more discriminate ways thann nazis in WW2?
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Actually they recruited a fat load of them….yes in most cases to hunt "trickier" fellas, but recruited nonetheless.
The idea basically being "instead of wasting manpower to hunt them individually, cut the work load in half through bribery!"

@Background Pony #E334 you have blm as an example right on this very site, and all around you! 4 years ago, the "pussy hats!"
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I too enjoy the destruction of the current social contract because it's an infinitized dab against all civil discourse.

May a new contract by written from ink made of the ashes.
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