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On Broken Images

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Started by Background Pony #8634
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Background Pony #8634
I find it frustrating when certain images can't show up Derpibooru. Is there a way to shrink images like with software and stuff like that?

Philomena Contributor
@Background Pony #8634
That's a link to a webpage, not a link to image. You're looking for this:

Background Pony #1205
Images didn't load for me at all when logging in, so i decided to clear cache/cookies which did help but next day after browsing for awhile on this site, they stopped loading again. Most of the site loads fine, it's just that images won't load at all. And now today when trying to login again, it gives me a white background and little text that says "Forbidden", nothing else. They seem to show fine when going incognito window, though there are some images there and here that won't load at all and when logging in there, it also gives me "Forbidden" text. It's weird because before i don't remember having any of these problems, now suddenly this just started and i don't have any problems with other sites. What's going on and how do i fix this? Had to go my Phone to post this.
Background Pony #1205
Oh okay, don't get forbidden anymore and can login fine now but i still don't understand why images stop working so quickly. I wouldn't wan't to clear cache/cookies every single time when that happens since it also logs me out of every other site i'm in and when i didn't need to do it before either.
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Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I feel like this is on topic. I found this link on Derpy Whooves' profile and apparently it's broken?

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