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that could be an interesting plot line all on its own.. the feeling of a forced happy ending.. where things just END UP ok even if, realistically that shouldn’t be the case. A lot of stories end that way and having a character actually react to it properly could be a fascinating way to truly explore what it means to end a story.
Also yee im good and happy, just trying to find a quick simple program I can use to record small vocal clips while I mess around with voice Mod.
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Well I would have started my next image but my laptop fucked up before I could save and I lost all progress. It shouldn’t take long to redraw what I had already drawn (which wasn’t a lot) but that and other laptop issues have made it frustratingly difficult for me to draw. I had a hard time making those last three images I recently uploaded. It used to be so much easier.
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Hey everypony.
Some of you know this, and some of you don’t, but it’s time to share.
I’ve been getting a commission of a plush of my advisor OC, Lightpoint, born from this event.
And guess what… he’s done!
In a matter of days, he will be at my house, and I’m going to love and tolerate the shit out of him, lemme tell you!
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