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If I had a quarter for the amount of times I’ve been the last to post on a page, I would have two. It’s not a lot but it’s odd that it happened twice.
Pixel Perfection - I still call her Lightning Bolt
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Holy fuck. One thing I did while up here was this climbing place. 14 different wall sections of varying styles and difficulties.
The first two easiest ones, shown here, I was actually quite a natural at! But the next ones were a fuckton tougher. It didn’t help at that point my fingers and arms have has enough.
The key seems to be to pick ones that have space for your fingers to really clamp around and grab. Otherwise you’re sort of fighting for the limited space you have available and that’s when it gets really finicky. Provided your body still has enough stamina.
I’m not a very physically active person but i did pretty well on three different wall sections on the easier side. Had those bigger holds.
What was worse was dismounting. You’re put in these cable harnesses, and you’re intended to just jump off, and the cables wil lower you automatically at a gentle.speed, but not before it feels like you’re actually falling and jumping off. And it feels really disconcerting.
But it was great to do this finally! This is something I’ve always wanted to try.
This pegasus sure got his blood pumping!
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