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Is there a way to assign old anon images to an account?


A while back, I uploaded some artwork a friend had personally done for me, one example being .

Is there any way that I'd be able to have it and a few other uploads linked to my account properly, just so I don't lose them? I know name changes are possible but I don't know if that can be done with actual file uploader stats.

I also found more art by them to upload and I want to keep things together if possible.
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Hello there!

Images that were uploaded through your account but anonymously still remains connected to you, counting metadata for you so yes it's perfectly possible.

Choosing to change back to show you as uploader and vice-versa asking to anon it is something anyone can ask for on forums or reporting themselves (choose #other), a moderator will eventually work on it.

In your case I have made the uploads visible, cheers!

Cheers, thanks. There might be a few others I have to go back and check on but looks like everything fixed nicely. Also debating a name change just for privacy reasons, but that's a bit harder since coming up with unique things is hard. Thanks for quick assist.
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Hey i still have some old anon uploads of mine that i want to change to show that it was my account that uploaded them, but i don;t know how to search through my uploads to see what ones they are.

Is there a way to check your uploads to see what images you uploaded as anon?
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