I've found the cursed image on Derpibooru

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I don't currently know, if this is happening only with me and why is this happening, but for some reason, whenever I try to open this image >331945 (NSFW Warning!) < and interact with it, for example like/unlike or fave/unfave it, nothing happens, and instead I get logged out, so I have to log in again.
I can like/unlike or fave/unfave the image ONLY when I do so from search results.

Can someone explain what's going on? Has this ever happened to you, ladies and gentlecolts?
Are there any other "cursed" uploads?

UPD: For some unknown reason, even just opening the tab with the cursed image is what already enough for sudden logout.
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I believe the source of this problem was discussed in Support — thank you for reporting it.
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