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I am disappaointed by patreons decision, but in no way suprised. Since derpibooru is now diversifying in financial support platforms, I would like to add my two cents and recommend liberapay.

Major advantages are:

— IBAN/SEPA support (for european donors)
— Paypal support
— no (political) agency
— non profit organization

I'd rather fund derpibooru via this platform than any of those now in place.
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From what I've heard Paypal may be the source of these problems which would make me wary of alternatives that use it
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The problem with these alternatives is no one trusts them. Why patreon and paypal will likely still do fine despite their borderline braindead policy decision is because they’re established figures and people trust them. Sites like the one the admins are switching to for payments(I think some Russian site) and sites like the ones listed above is that almost no one knows a thing about these sites, how they operate, what their admin teams are like or even the motives of their higher ups and site runners.

Its all too shady for a lot of people.
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i know this maybe a littler unrelated to the thread why we dont move derpibooru to onion tor and use cryptocurency no one will bother us there
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