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When searching for exact keywords from comments, I only want the exact word shown as I type. Wildcard search is useless because I can definitely see the exact keyword when searching for it, bundled with messages that do not have the exact keyword.
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@Derpy Whooves
Following the this discussion, I’m not sure if the feature was ever actually requested - so, request: when viewing a tag page, the ability to sort by when the tag was added. This would be superior to visiting the tag’s “tag changes - added” page, because that list continues to show posts that have had the tag subsequently removed (indeed, that is the point of tag changes), and of course the grid vs. list layout.
  • If the tag in question was present on upload and unchanged since, the time used for sorting would be the same as the upload time.
Further feature enhancements, in order of my prediction on complexity:
  • option to choose either sorting by earliest time the post had the tag, or most recent addition of the tag (makes a difference in cases where a tag may have been removed and re-added)
  • ability to apply the sorting when a search query is for a single tag, not only when directly visiting a tag page
  • alternatively, much more generally and I’d guess much more complex, ability to sort by most recent/initial time that a post was a valid result for any arbitrary search
  • ability to use this sorting for one’s watchlist

A much different feature that could be used to similar ends:
A “viewed/unviewed” toggle similar to hiding images. This could even be nearly a clone of hiding images, with the benefit of being separate/in parallel meaning you can toggle the whole feature on and off while still maintaining another set of really don’t want to see them hidden images. It would also be most useful if an option was added in user settings whether to auto-“mark as viewed” when visiting an image’s page.
  • Alternately, instead of hiding/revealing images, “viewed” images could be moved to the end of whatever sort order is in use.
This kind of arrangement can sort of be managed already, by either re-purposing one’s fav/up/downvotes as that switch (not recommending this! probably a misuse of site features!), or using a gallery to collect “viewed” pictures (can’t toggle from thumbnails), or by offloading either hiding, or read/unread, to a filter with the list of image IDs (quite inconvenient).
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@Background Pony #0F89
So what is your use case for these features?
  • Do you want to see previously unviewed images?
  • Do you want to see images that are new to a certain tag?
  • Or do you want to be notified when an old image gets added to your watch list?
I see value in all of these, but which one are you interested in?
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  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Not notified in the usual UI “notification” sense of a pop-up or count-badge, but for it to be presented in a way that it will be discoverable in a similar fashion as “new content”…I do not use a watch list, but that is something I would value if I did, yes. (Part of the reason I do not is because it seems redundant with just performing a well-crafted search.)
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