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For a browser, this is fairly straightfoward with an open websocket (something philomena can easily support).

The logistics change for mobile devices, though, as delivering messages to them generally requires integration with Firebase (the only provider that can do this, as far as I know).

As convenient as it might make things, I also have an internal resistance to developing features that make this site more addicting to use, and push notifications would probably be one of those things. Additionally, considering how underdeveloped notifications are in general here, it might not be the best idea to add them right now.
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Can there please be a new tab here called "Custom" where you can add your own tags to quickly add to the image? I love this feature, but most of the tags here (especially the episode ones) aren't really used as much now, so a way to add your own personally used tags would be nice.
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Ability to edit PMs just like with forum posts and comments? I've had way too many embarrassing situations where either I somehow type a image code wrong, do an horrible grammatical error or simply the message gets double (And even triple) posted.
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What does it mean?!?
I'm assuming just like with comments and forum posts, edit history would be public, so shouldn't really be something that encourages shittiness in pm's more than now.
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I dunno if Derpi changed something or if Firefox's latest bullshit-UI-change-for-absolutely-no-reason has changed how the site appears, but the "☐Anonymous" option is way too close to the [Post] button now.
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I suggest the ability to hide a full page of posts you do not want to see with one widget. This makes it so I do not see them again when browsing for different posts.
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