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Background Pony #33E8
Uploaders originally had the ability to freely edit their Background Pony flag on the pic. It was removed for misguided "justice" reasons.

The Ponut Eater
Would require Youtube-DL running on the server for each fetch. It's more complex and resource-heavy than fetching an image or a gif, due to how YouTube handles videos.
I guess staff would know best if it's a worthy tradeoff, though
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It could probably be done with a service on a different server that reloads the latest copy of youtube-dl every day or so and accepts requests from the app.

But there are problems:
- Some videos will be unfetchable, since their DASH manifest will show that they have only incompatible codecs available for download, or since they are simply too large to pass validation
- Of the videos that are not fetchable, a subset might be perfectly feasible to fetch at a lower resolution, but automatic format selection could transparently degrade the video quality instead of rejecting a lossy conversion
- If the user is forced to explicitly pick an (audio,video[,sub]) format tuple, they may not know precisely what they're getting
Background Pony #0F89
If moderation action deletes the most recent post/comment, would it be nice if it "unbumped" the thread? Phrased differently, sort by most recent valid comment.
Background Pony #8601
Ability to watch your own anonymous comments to keep track what mad shit you've spoke and where you've commented used anon?
Background Pony #2A5F
Feature 1:
Thumbnail embeds of removed images should not turn into text (>>123t and such), but instead should show a dedicated "image deleted" spoiler image that can be clicked to go to the deleted image page (and e.g. see tags).

Feature 2:
If the image being deleted is used as an example of a tag, whoever is responsible for maintaining tag descriptions should be notified so it can be replaced with another image.

Inspired by the broken example in the description of First Base (character) .
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While we're on the subject of broken tag descriptions, I'd like to request that 12 OC tags have their descriptions nuked.
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@Background Pony #2A5F
While we're on the subject of things broken by deleted images, it would be appreciated if staff had the option to retain comments on deleted images.

clopfic in the comments and similar tags should not have their comments deleted merely because the artist had a falling out with this site and issued a DNP.
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