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I'm talking about the users not artists. It's easy to find art from an artist. But not as easy to find the posts of a user. Sometimes a user uploads an edit of an art piece that he didn't create. The only thing we can use to find the user is either putting their uploads in a gallery to find later or somehow remember their ID number.
This makes it difficult to find edited screencaps for instance.

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It would be good to have the notification bell only show replies to your comment not to other people discussing something else on the same thread. Deviantart and Youtube might be a useful models for how a new notification system can work. I know you're working on it and I can't wait to see it.

Also have an archive of people that replied to your comment so you can come respond to them even after a long time.
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Quite surprised I couldn't find anything like this in the thread:

It'd be nice if the reverse search interface was embedded and integrated on the new image UI, at least for fetched images (if there was a way to cache an uploaded file so it wouldn't have to upload twice, that'd be cool too.) As it is now, going to a separate page, pasting the URL again, clicking extra times…it could be much more streamlined. Running a reverse search when you click "fetch" on the new image UI and showing results inline would be great.


I think reverse search could be enhanced by also automatically running a source_url non-image-based search. True that for sites like Twitter and Tumblr where one URL can have multiple images this could include false positives (unless the site began saving which one out of a group of images was selected for uploading), or if an image was modified at some point in time, but that's why it displays results for further human interaction, in any case.


This could further be enhanced for known patterns on major sites: for example, twitter.com/[any valid username string]/status/[status ID here](a variety of extra strings could be here) resolves to the same content.

https://twitter.com/notDerpiLOL/status/1252456916997021697/photo/1 equals https://mobile.twitter.com/Derpibooru/status/1252456916997021697?s=20 for the purposes of reverse lookup.

deviantArt and Tumblr have similar partially-static, partially-mutable URLs. I would guess that this is already handled within whatever library(s) are used for fetching, though it might be done internally and not exposed…

I'm no computer scientist so I can't promise these always work or are safe:


For that matter, the site could resolve redirects, such as through t.co, fav.me, or in the case mentioned above where some other Twitter username is in the URL (aside from just messing around, this also can happen if someone changes their account name — old links will redirect).


Super extra credit for comparing related URLs like the twimg.com direct image URL from Twitter posts.
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@Background Pony #0F89
Could file size be a searchable field?

Not sure when this got implemented - I just noticed it - but thanks!

Slightly related idea: how about file size of the thumbnail, and/or a setting to defer loading animated thumbnails until clicked (initially showing preferably a static thumbnail, or if too much extra work for the server, a spoiler-style placeholder)?
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This is something I've noticed too and has bothered me quite a bit.

Something similar that I feel might have been removed with Philomena is including the forum post title in forum searches. Right now, I just see the posts themselves when searching and don't have the context of the title, nor can I ctrl-f topics within the search page.
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Add an additional filter or flip artists commission status from open to closed based off of art or site activity to help find active artists from commission tab?

Sometimes I'll be going through there to find someone new to commission and at least every other artist I peek at, their last artwork is over a year ago or they don't log-on here to check their messages.

Maybe if they haven't uploaded an artwork or logged onto the booru for over three months, their availability status should automatically get flipped to closed? Or add an additional filter that'll look for artists based off of their last upload date? This would be quite epic.
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I would like to be able to easily tag anonymously by pressing a check box just like you do for comments
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@Background Pony #94E0
I'm close to 100% certain the requirement to log out for anonymous tagging is a fully intentional feature.

Please oh please, allow a forum topic's creator to change the topic's name. Sometimes we want to phrase our title better.

Can't mods change the topic title for you if you report it and ask for it? Letting users to rename their topics (at least after some time) sounds a bit, let's say, mess-prone.
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Curses! Foiled again! I will vandalize everything one day!!! Including this very multiuniverse, muahahaha!


Seriously though, I didn't know about people abusing tagging like that. I take back my suggestion.
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