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Goodbye guys ;)
> [@Sff](/forums/meta/topics/feature-suggestions-and-discussion?post_id=5388022#post_5388022)
> People try to do that already. It kind of ends up like pic related.
> >>2913705t
> When we see that we usually ask people to cut it out, and if they don't, or especially if they're abusing PMs like
> [@Background Pony \#0F89](/forums/meta/topics/feature-suggestions-and-discussion?post_id=5388089#post_5388089) described, then we start banning them.

Unrelated but that gif is so cute πŸ₯°

On a related note, someone came to me asking for participation in something I didn't desire to be a part of. I told them so but they kept repeating why I should join and basically tried to guilt me into participating. I told them no again but they persisted, so I just gave them a farewell and hid the conversation.