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We’ve already received a lot of feedback regarding our recent changes to how downvoting works. It’s very important to note that this is just the first stage of a change that’s been in discussion for a long while, and we are very open to changing how it’s implemented based on feedback. The only thing currently set more-or-less in stone is that downvoting/hiding an image will stop it from appearing for you in search results and such by default.
The truth is that downvoting has often typically caused way more issues than it’s helped. I won’t go into too many details about the how and why, as the original thread did a pretty good job explaining it, but we’ve gotten a large number of complaints from artists and other members of the site about how images seemed to be getting a large number of unjustified downvotes, and we saw plenty of evidence of abuse as well. So based on that feedback, a change was implemented.
Obviously this change is getting feedback of it’s own, some positive, some negative. We would very much like to find the best balance between eliminating the concerns the old implementation of downvoting has caused, but still allow it as feedback if that’s what the community so desires.
A few suggestions have already popped up on how to further refine this change. These two are the ones that stand out the most though. Note that these are paraphrased/summarized by me, and not a direct quote from anyone:
Reddit-style scoring  
Basically, re-enable downvoting, but do not show individual counts of upvotes/downvotes. Instead, only show a cumulative score for an image. That way, images that are particularly bad/shitposty will still have low/negative scores, but an individual downvote will have much less effect, as there’s no count of how many downvotes an image has received. This means that score becomes an overall summary of the community’s reaction to an image, and it can still be used for filtering purposes (hiding images with scores less than -50, for example), but the temptation to abuse it will be less prominent, as there’s nothing obviously indicating that the number of downvotes is increasing.
Showing hide counts  
Keep the current scoring system (score == upvote count), but also show a less prominant statistic about how many people have hidden an image. This again can be used to gauge how the community has reacted to an image, but without having any negative impact on image scores.
Downvoting and hiding  
Basically, revert everything back to the way it was, but just add a hide button in addition.
If you have any opinions on the above suggestions, or perhaps another suggestion overall, please post it here. Please try to keep the posts constructive and helpful, instead of just whining that you don’t like the current change. We understand you may not like it, which is why we’re discussing it.
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Personally, I’m a fan of the second idea of showing the hide counts, also, maybe even have them spoilered while you’re looking under the “my:downvotes” too.
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I recall someone suggesting a downvote automatically hiding the picture from view. Though that would just be the old system wouldn’t it?
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I wanna suggest a combination of the first and third option; when the image is downvoted its hidden, and it tells you only the total score but it doesn’t show you individual downvotes. The one difference I wanna suggest is to not allow the score to be negative, as for example, if a image has 10 likes and 11 dislikes, show a score of 0. That way it would discourage people even further from downvoting past a certain point.
I apologize if it sounds confusing, english isn’t my main language.
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We should have a poll to see the percentage of people who like this versus people who dislike this. Perhaps using two choices, “upvote” and “downvote”. :P
In all seriousness, the second option is my favorite by far. I think that the amount of hiding should not be incorporated into the overall score because hiding/downvoting isn’t very accurate in terms of how good a post actually is, but I still would very much like the ability to search for how many people hid it for curiosity’s sake.
Keep in mind, though, that this is coming from a person who almost never downvotes and has almost nothing filtered out. I love seeing weird things, and I love seeing people’s reactions to them. :P
EDIT: I’ve changed my stance. I would now prefer:
Reddit-style scoring with both percentage and total number of votes visible to all users.
A separate hide button.
A Negative Feedback button that replaces the downvote button, and possibly the report button. When pressed, users are prompted to provide a multiple-choice answer for their feedback, with a clear explanation of what each choice means. (See Overwatch’s new report system for an example.) Multiple answers can be selected at one time. Choices could include “I dislike the theme”, “offensive content”, “low quality (please specify)”, “breaks rule #x”, etc. Some answers will decrease the score, some answers will report the post, and some answers will do neither. (The site moderators will decide which answers do what.) The feedback would be visible to all users.
Not only will this make users consider why they’re decreasing the score to hopefully discourage them from doing so for a reason unintended by the moderators, it will also provide artists with constructive feedback on their posts in way that’s much more organized than comments are.
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The response has been majorly negative, so logically you should completely revert the changes and go back to the old system. The community is overwhelmingly against this change; if you guys actually do care at all about the users, and not just the artists, listen to what we truly want, instead of letting us choose from solutions that you(the staff) put forward.
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