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Complex filter will become shit.
I don't mind hiding of images by one button but I want downvotes back to filter actual shit, which is overvoted now (because overusing upvotes, just look at this)

And how I can look at downvoted images? What if I changed my mind?
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Not quite. A comment with how you improve your art can be more helpful than guessing why they downvoted your picture. Besides: The more popular you are, the more downvotes you get. What should fearingfun say? 8 or 9 Downvotes for one of his last pics and ask himself how to be more perfect?
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Removing the downvote option takes away from what Derpibooru is intended to be: a place to share MLP-themed images and to comment on them. Downvoting is a legitimate form of commentary, and just telling people to hide what they disapprove of is no substitute. If someone posts crap, the fact that they're posting crap should be held up for all to see.
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Is it just me or does the all time top scoring list not work properly anymore? I don't know if it's because of removing the downvote. I'm fine with downvoting being removed.
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Exactly, it's like taking a bite out of something that tastes bad, you can easily recognize it tastes awful but you aren't a chef.

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Wow. What a idealized world you live in.

@Background Pony Number 17
"to share MLP-themed images and comment on them.:

Your ability to comment is not removed. Downvoting is just a lazy ass way of commenting. Doesn't tell anyone why you did it. Just a downvote.

Playing guesswork to figure out why you got a downvote is dumb. And once artists realize that there are sometimes trolls out there that'll just give them even more reasons to ignore downvotes.

There is a reason good teachers leave comments and edits on written papers. It's so people know where they screwed up and how to fix them.
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Reminds me of when Fimfiction slightly altered how downvoting comments worked… and one guy outright admitted that he was mad about it because he could no longer abuse the downvote feature.
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